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Whether you're on the island for vacation, or a local since birth, we're the best resource for trails to expand your horizons!

Mount Finlayson is one of the most well-known hikes near Victoria, but did you know that there are over hundreds of different trails within 1-3 hours driving of the city?

What We Do

We were founded spring 2018, but have local trail experts with over 15 years of hiking experience.

Our mission is to be the most complete, most accurate, trail guide for the island with a focus on stellar video and photography.

Never done a trail before and want one of us to join you for some companionship? Give us a shout!

Over 168 local members as of 2023!

Rapid weather changes, wolves, mountain lions, coyotes and bears are the most common causes for concern while hiking on the island. We have a quick reference guide for trail dangers and what to do in the case you encounter one of these.
Always bring bear spray, one litre of water per hour, a flash light, small first-aid kit, a paper print-out of the trail map, cell phone with digital GPS map and charging cable with battery backup, extra pair of laces, and appropriate clothing for weather changes.
Common trail courtesy is always a must! Take only what you bring in, and leave nothing but foot prints. Camp only were permitted, and be aware of fire-bans during the summer — keep smoking for the break back at the car. Stay on designated trails to prevent habitat damage. Keep music to your earbuds only.

Our Milestones

Trinkets from our past.



In Spring 2018, our founder decides to launch the most comprehensive guide-book for the island after 15 years of hiking experience.


Official Launch

The web site backend is finally completed, and goes live. Content begins to be added.



We're fully online with a complete reference guide to the best hikes near Victoria!

Our Crew

The people making this guide possible!

Photo of Josh Josh Founder A well-seasoned hiker with a passion for trails on the island.