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One of the most valuable resources to have while hiking is a GPS-enabled device. This can be an iPhone, Android, Magellan, or one of many other devices. We offer GPS files for most trails in our database. Apps for these devices allow you to import these maps and literally follow along as you hike — ensuring you never veer from the trail.

While we strive to provide the most accurate and complete information possible in our maps, we acknowledge that trails change year to year. Using our maps is done at YOUR OWN RISK.

GPX-Viewer for iOS Instructions
  1. Download and launch the app (link available on our Shop) on your iPhone.
  2. Go back into Safari on your phone, navigate to HikeTheIsland.com, and login to your account. You may need to click the navigation icon () at the top of the page to expose the login form.
  3. Visit the Trails list page and click the compass icon next to the trail you want the map for. Or, view the trail details page, scroll down to Trail Map, and click Download.
  4. The file begins to download. Click the "Open In..." button and choose the new app we've just installed.
  5. The imported map now appears in the Files list inside the app. Select it.
  6. Press the Location icon in the bottom left of the window to show your current location on the trail. Waypoints can be tapped to view their label.

Wear clothes appropriate for the type of activity and weather. If travelling at higher elevations, bring clothing suited for sudden weather changes.

An easy trail in dry weather can turn into a nightmare with the wrong footwear with a small amount of rain. Water-proof your hiking boots, bring a backup pair of socks, and bring an emergency poncho.

With new boots, always wear them around town for a few weeks to break them in before taking them on longer hikes.

Hiking can be a very strenuous activity and requires that you've slept well, eaten well, and have properly hydrated. Always bring a drink to stay hydrated, and a snack for along the way. We highly recommend either water or a beverage with a salt-base and low sugar content like Gatorade G2, and a snack like your average trail mix.

Even if you're not hosting a hike, have a clear idea of where the trail leads and how much time you'll need to get back before dark. Useful incase you get separated, bring a compass or GPS with a map.

Always bring a small first aid kit and never overpack; you will exhaust yourself! With a degree of discretion, bring only what you need for the trail.

Help ensure your safety on trails, follow these hints. We also HIGHLY recommend getting the SAS Survival Guide for your mobile device. The guide provides useful survival and worst-case-scenario information for travelling in the wilderness.

  • Backup: Always tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back incase you become injured or lost; especially if you plan to hike solo.
  • Theft: Unfortunately, in past years we've had break-ins to vehicles. Often thieves prey on the fact that they know hikers will not be back for hours. Ensure you hide or take all values on the trail with you. Hike The Island does not claim any responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  • Animals: Be aware of animals on the trail and how to handle them if encountered.
  • Weather: Check the weather before heading out and expect changes!